Your feedback is required!

So far I need no help on writing more reviews, but all I require from you is that you contribute an opinion about my reviews. Encourage my language skills as English is not my native language and I only speak 40% of English  and 60% of something else on any given day. So, kindly don't discuss my grammar and spellings like a 4th grade grammar teacher with a red pen in hand. Provide me suitable tips on getting screenshots while playing games. Point me to new adventure games and provide me information about old forgotten classic adventures.


  1. Hello, do you still have this game
    "The Case" from N.M.G.

    It's an old Russian game

    but the English version is very obscure and I have been looking around for it

    I would like to buy it from you if you still have it

    I can also invite you to a place where I have been uploading my many rare games (mostly japanese)

    my email is bakudandan at gmail dot com

  2. Hi bakudandan, this blog was maintained by my father, but he has lost all interest in it and handed over the responsibility to me. Anyhow, I checked all his collection and couldn't find the title you mentioned, instead I did find a nicely rolled advertising poster of this title. Are you interested in buying this poster?

  3. Sorry but I already have the poster, I'm looking for the game itself

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